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All contained here in, are my own thoughts and imachinations. I have quoted sources where required and even have bibliographies on some works. So please respect my work and don't plagiarize. The proper thing to do is, if you quote me in a written work, or use my ideas, give credit by siting the url. This applies to both written (i.e. school paper) or internet use.

Also, all webdesign, graphics (such as they are ;)), and content are all copyright Jonelin's ©1999, 2000, all rights reserved. My written works, or a bulk of them, are legally copyrighted. So don't steal (see above about academic honesty and plagerism).

This site contains ideas, thoughts, and commentary that I don't except all to share with me. I can be rude, crass, vile... and that is only my looks! Gods forbid someone has ideas that the media does not endorse. This site contains views on gun rights, sexuality, religion, gummi bears, and other controversial topics.

Having said that, those who are easily offended can leave now. If not, then please continue.